Owner Frequently Asked Questions

How do you advertise my home?
Compass Property Management Group partners with local and national web sites to reach out to the largest amount of potential renters. Renters are much more mobile now, so we are too! With our own updated website and resources, signage on the home, and partnering websites our reach is endless.

How much can I rent my home for?

Condition, condition, condition! Market values help to determine you base rental rate, but after that upgrades rent these homes. Compass Property Management Group is here to help you get the most rent with the least time on the market, sometimes it can be as easy as adding mulch for some curb appeal.

What’s my next move?

Call us. We are happy to go over any details over the phone or via email.
Office number: 904-598-1557
Email: info@CompassPMG.com

Why should I use Compass Property Management Group to manage my home?
We are a small property management group that focuses on property owners. We handle your late night maintenance, we collect rent, post late tenants, and in the worst cases enforce evictions.